Better Data, Less Guesswork

We help our clients acquire high-quality
alternative data from around the world.
With consulting and support included,
Sundial aims to be a valued resource
for data-driven institutional investors. 

Sundial Transact & Sundial Custom

Sundial Transact, our exclusive consumer transaction solution, gives you a differentiated view into consumer activity in the U.S. Because our data comes from hundreds of financial institutions, spanning from small banks to some of the largest, our solution has low financial institution bias. We have over 11 million accounts in our solution, and growing.
Sundial Custom allows clients to perform sophisticated queries against the data, directly from their web browser in a no-code environment, providing clients an intuitive query tool to perform analyses that historically required expensive infrastructure and personnel. Sundial Custom pushes past legacy transaction data analysis methodologies and grants users speed, savings, and reliability.

Global Merchant-Level Analytics Data

Sales, traffic, and marketing data from over 400,000 global merchants, via a partnership with a leader in web analytics data aggregation. Through this partnership, we offer access to a variety of data streams including paid keyword trends, transaction volume at e-commerce enablement platforms, and payment volume to major digital advertisers.

Global Web Index Data

Track technologies used by millions of websites. In partnership with, a leader in internet mapping, we offer access to a comprehensive global website technographic panel. By indexing the global domain pool, our solutions enable clients to track the software services used by millions of global businesses.


A partner in your alternative data acquisition process.

Validated: We only offer datasets that have statistical significance in forecasting company KPIs that matter to investors. Our team understands predictive qualities of datasets and ways to incorporate this into investment processes.

Expert implementation guidance: We have almost 20 years of experience in deploying alterative data in investment research, which allows us to support your team’s implementation of data at an expert level.

Our data offering

All data feeds offered by Sundial have been developed
in conjunction with our affiliate M Science,
leveraging decades of data science, legal,
and financial analysis expertise.

Types of Datasets

Sundial Transact

Global Ecommerce Trends Data

Global DNS Configuration Data

The alternative data landscape is vast –
Sundial is curated.

The number of datasets available
and marketed to investors is growing,
but many datasets do not have predictive power.
This can create a time-consuming
testing effort for investors.

We offer curated data,
that in many cases has been incorporated in
M Science investment research.

Some data sources are difficult to obtain –
Sundial has forged the partnerships.

Differentiated data can be valuable
for alpha-generation. But differentiated data can be
hard to obtain; it can be expensive, unstructured, and
present complex legal questions.

We only work with data that we believe
is predictive of KPIs, that is differentiated,
and that has met our quality standards.
Some of our data is exclusively available
through Sundial. And we can help you
implement it in your process.


Finding non-commoditized data can be resource intensive –
Sundial has done the legwork.

Our team of domain experts has tested dozens
of datasets in our years of operating
in the alternative data space.
We understand the predictive power,
applicability, and durability that investors need.

Successful partnerships are invaluable –
Sundial can vet your data.

The amount of legwork and organizational capability
needed to monetize data can often be the roadblock.
Through the dedicated data acquisition and data testing
teams at Sundial and M Science, we can help uncover
and demonstrate the value of your data.


We understand that customer support cannot wait until the next day.

We are a high-touch support-centric organization.
We know that implementation is a critical component
of successfully using data in an investment process.
Complex datasets frequently have both untapped alpha,
and a potentially challenging implementation ramp.

As such, we aim to help with implementation
of any data we offer –
we have experience deploying our data,
which enables us to help you
speed up your implementation process.