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We help our clients gain access to high-quality alternative data, covering a variety of geographies and industries. Our goal is to use our expertise in alternative data as a key resource for institutional investors.

Sundial | Liftr®

Alternative Data on Hyperscale Cloud
& AI Infrastructure

Sundial | Liftr® is our exclusive, global cloud and associated hardware dataset. This solution provides signals to global investors about the hyperscale cloud and AI infrastructure markets, enabling coverage of the major cloud providers, and their largest semiconductor suppliers.

Public cloud is not only where notable semiconductor activity occurs; public cloud is also a leading indicator of semiconductor activity in the private cloud space.

The Sundial | Liftr® offering consists of the two below solutions:

Cloud Components Tracker℠

Key Objective Tracker of Cloud IaaS Instance Types

Intelligence Compute Tracker℠

Keep an Eye on Hyperscale AI

With data starting in December of 2019, Sundial | Liftr Cloud Components Tracker (CCT) is the key alternative data provider with data covering cloud service provider (CSP) Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS) and bare metal computer instance types, region-by-region across the globe. The CCT monitors major CSPs such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and more. Reach out to us for the full list of CSPs, Processor/Accelerator specifications, and more.

Observe the pulse of hyperscale AI with Sundial | Liftr Intelligence Compute Tracker (ICT). This solution leverages nearly five years of trends and comparable history, supplying visibility into AI introductions, signals, underlying product details, and insights. By using data from our Cloud Components Tracker, Sundial can provide insights into AI training and inference semiconductors; AI reservations, previews and limited access types; and AI-focused CSPs. The ICT monitors major industry leaders, including CoreWeave, Lambda, and Vultr. Learn how both CCT and ICT trackers can be combined to maximize the Sundial | Liftr offering.

Sundial Australia

Continent-Wide Consumer Behavior & Merchant Trends

Sundial Australia is a dashboard solution driven by a ~900k+ user consumer transaction data panel derived from several financial institutions across the continent. Sundial Australia empowers our clients to leverage daily transaction data through centralized access, real-time visualizations, and sophisticated analytics to deepen investors’ traditional research processes. This solution features 120+ tickers and 230+ tagged merchants, with data updated daily.

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Sundial Europe

Panel Insights for Major European Countries

Sundial Europe is a derived data product with insight into spending trends in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Our licensed digital purchase data consists of a panel of ~1 million+ users across these five geographies. Updated on a weekly cadence, Sundial Europe explores 40+ tickers and 70+ merchants. Users can visualize and download merchant sales trends in aggregate or weighted by country. Our product allows near real-time insight into first- and third-party spending trends for some of the world’s largest consumer brands and retailers.


A partner in your alternative data acquisition process.

Validated: We only offer datasets that have statistical significance in forecasting company KPIs that matter to investors. Our team understands predictive qualities of datasets and ways to incorporate this into investment processes.

Expert implementation guidance: We have almost 20 years of experience in deploying alterative data in investment research, which allows us to support your team’s implementation of data at an expert level.

Our data offering

All unmodeled data and derived data products offered by Sundial have been developed in conjunction with our affiliate M Science, leveraging decades of data science, legal and financial analysis expertise.

Exclusive Dataset


Sundial | Liftr®

The alternative data landscape is vast –
Sundial is curated.

The number of datasets available and marketed to investors is growing, but many datasets do not have predictive power. This can create a time-consuming testing effort for investors.

We offer curated data and derived data products, that in many cases has been incorporated in M Science investment research.

Some data sources are difficult to obtain –
Sundial has forged the partnerships.

Differentiated data can be valuable
for alpha-generation. But differentiated data can be
hard to obtain; it can be expensive, unstructured, and
present complex legal questions.

We only work with data that we believe
is predictive of KPIs, that is differentiated,
and that has met our quality standards.
Some of our data is exclusively available
through Sundial. And we can help you
implement it in your process.


Finding non-commoditized data can be resource intensive –
Sundial has done the legwork.

Our team of domain experts has tested dozens
of datasets in our years of operating
in the alternative data space.
We understand the predictive power,
applicability, and durability that investors need.

Successful partnerships are invaluable –
Sundial can vet your data.

The amount of legwork and organizational capability
needed to monetize data can often be the roadblock.
Through the dedicated data acquisition and data testing
teams at Sundial and M Science, we can help uncover
and demonstrate the value of your data.


We understand that customer support cannot wait until the next day.

We are a high-touch support-centric organization.
We know that implementation is a critical component
of successfully using data in an investment process.
Complex datasets frequently have both untapped alpha,
and a potentially challenging implementation ramp.

As such, we aim to help with implementation
of any data we offer –
we have experience deploying our data,
which enables us to help you
speed up your implementation process.