Data should meet you where you are.

Our leadership started as researchers at M Science, where they delivered insights based on alternative data.
Many investors trust M Science as their de facto data organization;
they can call an M Science analyst and get a download on what they see in the data.
That’s where they want to meet the data.

Over time, many clients wanted to get deeper into the data themselves –
and M Science began to offer a limited selection of raw data used in M Science research.
Investors appreciated M Science’s ability to demonstrate to them how they found value in the data.
As some of us began to spend more time on supporting the data implementation for clients,
we decided this merited a dedicated effort, and formed Sundial to embody this effort.

At Sundial, we believe that buying raw data should have
the same level of service and support as buying investment research.
We want to cater your data solution to the level of granularity of research that your team needs.

We make the data meet you where you are.

Our Team

Spenser Marshall

Chief Data Officer

Spenser was a senior analyst on the TMT research team at M Science and was responsible for expanding the firm’s software and cloud infrastructure offering.

Prior to that, Spenser was a research analyst at Phillip & Company Asset Management and was also the CEO and founder of cryptocurrency mining company Pareto Engineering.

Sam Redmond

Director, Product

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Luke Borsare

Data Scientist

Luke was a data scientist at M Science whose focus was on developing data products and expanding direct data offerings.

Previously, he was a data scientist at Superdata for close to two years, working to develop new data sources and expand coverage for PC titles and publishers.